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My name is Yasser Elnahas and I am an eBay Gold powerseller and Top Rated Seller. I have been selling on ebay for 6 years now. I am not an ebay guru as some people might think. I am not also making $10,000 everyday but I am making a decent monthly income that make me live the life I want. I am a regular guy exactly like you. I am the father of a family of 4.

Just a few short years ago I was desperate to own my own business, so I opened my very own retail store. At first I was very excited because I was finally my own boss... but soon I discovered that owning your own business was NOT what I had thought it would be. I worked over 60 hours each week and barely made any profits! I constantly had to worry about everything from marketing to employee problems. My dream was slowly turning into my own nightmare... and the worst part was that I was slowly going broke! But then a friend of mine introduced me to eBay, and my life completely changed. I started earning more money – in a LOT less time – with eBay instead of my store. So, I made the decision to close the store and concentrate on EBay full-time. I gave up the 12 hour days, the constant worry and the minimal profits for freedom.

I was finally making BIG money, I was finally free to take the afternoon off and enjoy my life.Once I discovered the money-making, profit-pulling secret of eBay I finally started living the life that I deserved... and now I can show you how to change your life and start earning thousands each month too!

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It sounds simple enough, but if you don’t have the right information and the right tools then you are just going to get by – you are going to be stuck just being an average eBay seller.

But who wants to “just get by” when you can be a real success?

All you need is a few innovative and intelligent techniques to be great. And I am willing to share everything with you.

I have decided to reveal everything that I know about eBay and let you in on the secrets, in great detail. Just look at everything that I am going to share with you:

Hundreds of hot-selling products ideas

Secrets to designing listing templates that will increase your results 200%

How to get your listings to the top of eBay search pages

Turning buyers into lifetime customers with e-mail marketing.

Writing killer ad-copy for your listings that sells 

Maximize the eBay feedback system  

Expanding your business to reach international markets  

Sales strategies like price setting, reserve and no reserve auctions

Advanced promotions that can increase sales up to 377% (or more)!

Develop an incredible eBay store

How to spend less than 20 minutes per day running your business  

The tools you can use to create a listing template in minutes

How to save thousands of dollars and build your eBay listing template, about me page, and eBay store design quickly and easily (even if you're totally new to computers!) You do not need to know html

Learn how to structure your eBay listings so visitors stay longer to explore...and buy. Whether you sell 10 products or 10,000 products, you risk losing up to 50% of your visitors with every 'click' when they first look your listing - You'll learn how you can keep them on your listing longer, guaranteed.

The most common mistakes made by eBay Sellers that is shrinking their sales

How to choose "prices" that can outsell other eBay sellers nine to one!

Tips for creating "Maximum Prices" on your items that can dramatically increase your sales volume

How to easily overcome your prospects' natural skepticism using a powerful strategy that builds instant rapport

How to create and implement banner ads on eBay

Use message boards and chat rooms on eBay to drive traffic

How to uncover popular keywords 1,000's of people are 'searching' and use them in your titles before you competition catches on

Valuable tips for understanding eBay's "rank" system - you need to know this if you want to secure a high ranking on eBay with eBay's advanced search system     

How you can DOUBLE your sales with the correct "checkout" features and settings

The number 1 secret to GUARANTEE an eBay sale every time.

How to use feedback to your advantage.

Advanced Seating Methods for Buy It Now and Want It Now selling features

 The TOP SECRET " *********** " technique to eliminate non-paying bidders BEFORE they bid. (I will have to kill you if you reveal this to anyone)

Advanced bidding techniques to put you in total control and outsmart the seller

PLUS much, much more!

I leave nothing unexplained. I make sure that nothing is left on the table. I give you all the secrets, all the tricks and little-know tactics.

Just take a look at a few of the testimonials I have received:


I bought this from you last thursday and took your tip on offering best offer, and raising my price just a little, well, my  average daily sells were 250-290 per day, today my sales are over 500 in the past 24hrs!!!!!!!!!! amazing and i am selling things even at 1 or 2 cents higher than my original price and people are not even asking for a shipping discount like they used to.

I guess since i have already accepted their offers they don't feel the need for additional discounts.

Thank you SO much for offering this at such a bargain, i have more than gotten my money back.... God bless you for taking the time to put this guide together...


Dear Yasser,

I found you on the internet, and am very pleased I did, my wife and I were almost caught up in a scam on the weekend with ".............." to the tune of 6K (Aus). You prove that you don't need to spend that kind of money. Your ebook is brilliant! Thank you for sharing this info with us, as we are hoping to get out of our current debt using the drop shipping method.

Thanks again, take care.
Gerard & Kerry McNally


Hello Yasser.

I have just purchased your guide! Brilliant! Thank you so very much for producing those excellent videos. it is exactly the help I have been looking for to kick-start my business.

When you are less busy, I was wondering if you could answer the following questions: I currently am trading in the UK. I sell products all under $10. or £10 (Great British Pounds).

1. I did not really understand why this was a bad idea. I currently have around 30 products on ebay that are under $10. What do you suggest I do with these? Are you suggesting I sell them wholesale?

2. In your opinion, which is the best way to go for the best way to make profits? Dropshipping or wholesale? I have funds to buy wholesale, however, the wholesalers ask for a high MOQ (min order quantity), and i am concerned about handing over $200-$400 for 300+ items, with only 4 varieties.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Miss B Ajayi - Bee An Industries

As you can see I make sure that I give you more information on eBay than any other product, website, eBook or membership site on the market.

No one is willing to reveal this many secrets about making hundreds to thousands of dollars with eBay... no one but me.

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Grant yourself access to The Best Guide Ever Written about EBay … online or offline

It’s Time for You to Discover The Trade It On Ebay Guide...

This guide is ground-breaking because it allows you to jump straight to success and skip over the years you would spend researching, testing and discovering the secrets to MAJOR profits.

I am going to share with you EXACTLY how you can increase your sales of ANY auction and how you can earn MORE money with less time!

I´m also going to reveal:

What eBay really is and how you can sell more on eBay

The eBay marketplace

 What type of products to sell on eBay and the best ways to obtain them

 How to set up your own home office and operate your own accounting system effectively

 How to create high quality photographs of your products guaranteed to increase your sales

 The inside scoop on the best software programs for enhancing your photos

 Listings strategies and promotions

 How to customize and use valuable ready-to-use customer service templates

 Actions for post-auction follow-up  

 Everything you need to know to run a powerful eBay business

 Other Inventory sources you may not have considered (or perhaps forgotten)

 Sources to remember for great second hand goods

 Discovering hidden treasures found at government auctions 

 Key ingredients to add to your effective marketing strategy

 Identifying and understanding your target market

 How to track trends to improve your marketing results

 Creating, Editing and posting photos for maximum value

 The best picture editing software...for creating dynamic photos that sell

 How you can use your existing business to maximize the potential of eBay

 How you can cross promote your items and increase sales by up to 85.1%   

 Discover how to recover 'lost' sales by dramatically reducing your refunds and turn angry customers into lifetime buyers who purchase from you - again and again and again

 Which 'magic words' virtually maximize results and profits when you include them in your listings

 eBay's Elite: What it takes to become a PowerSeller and Top rated Seller

 Discover how to build your own storefront and set up an eBay store

 Advanced selling tips and techniques

 Warranty Services - know costs, risks and protections before you bid

 Become an eBay affiliate and earn commission simply by promoting eBay

  Add your eBay listings to your current website using eBay's Merchant kit

 Tons of Valuable downloads and resources . . . and I mean TONS!

 Timing . . . Learn the secrets of knowing when to start and end an auction

 Genius Techniques . . . Move over Einstein. You've got the theory of relativity, but I've got eBay. 

Buyer & Seller Action Plan

Are You Ready To Get Started?

At this point you realize how important and powerful The Trade It On Ebay guide really is. You know that in order to get the information that you need you really only have two choices…

1. You can spend years testing and trying, guessing and hoping that your auctions will sell. You can leave hundreds – if not thousands of dollars on the table and you can continue to “just get by”


2. You can discover the quick and easy way to make HUGE profits with eBay from the 1 man who truly knows. You can finally have the success that you deserve and the freedom that you crave!

Your choice is pretty clear. You can finally have access to a wealth of information written and developed by me, one of the top eBay experts in the world!

You can stop just getting by and you can take your profits – and your own personal success – to a whole new level!

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I’m not just going to give you The Trade It On Ebay guide, but I’m also going to give you these free bonuses.

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Free Bonus: Top 27 Dropshipping and Wholesale Websites. You Will Not Find Them in Google And Yahoo Search.

I will give you shortcut to 2 of the most important Wholesale directories where you can find more and different products to sell. You don’t have to search for other directories and get scammed.

I will show you how to manage your sales even without the need to go to your ebay account.

I will Show you how to make money while you are buying products to sell..Surprising..hhhm. This method made me extra $2700 while doing my routine work.

I will Take you to a LIVE JOURNEY inside one of my dropshipping accounts. I will show you step by step with illustrations how I do it personally. You will thank me personally for this one.

You Can Never Fail With My 120+ Screen Shots !!



I will Show you how to start a completely different and new business using ebay classifieds.

I will then go more advanced and give you a hint on how to manage your ebay business using selling manager.

I will give you access to my "buyers only area" where you can ask me personally about  anything you don't understand.

You Can Never Fail With My 120 + Screen Shots !!

Here are some more.... There are Hundreds inside

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